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2016 Endorsed Candidates


Office Candidate
Property Appraiser Martin "Marty" Kiar 
State Attorney Mike Satz
Senate 29 Kevin Rader 
Senate 34 Gwyndolen "Gwyn" Clarke-Reed
Senate 34 James "Jim" Waldman
House of Rep 92 Patricia Hawkins-Williams
House of Rep 93 George Moraitis
House of Rep 95 Barrington Anthony Russell
House of Rep 104 Richard "Rick" Stark
Clerk of the Circuit Court Mitchell "Mitch" Ceasar
Sheriff Scott Israel
Supervisor of Elections David Brown
County Commission, Dist. 1 Nan H. Rich
County Commission, Dist. 5 Steven A. "Steve" Geller
County Commission, Dist. 7 Christopher "Chris" Smith
 Judge 17 / 9 Lea P. Krauss
 Judge 17 / 9 Maxine K. Streeter
 Judge  17 / 15 Matthew Isaac Destry
 Judge 17 / 23 Barbara McCarthy
 Judge 17 / 24  Michael Lynch
County Court Judge, Grp. 2 Kal Evans
County Court Judge, Grp 3 Florence Taylor Barner 
County Court Judge, Grp 3 Rhoda Sokoloff
County Court Judge, Grp. 7 Nina Weatherly Di Pietro
County Court Judge, Grp. 8 Stephen J. Zaccor
County Court Judge, Grp 13 Elizabeth "Betsy" Benson 
County Court Judge, Grp 14 Alfreda D. Coward
County Court Judge, Grp 14 Kim Theresa Mollica
County Court Judge, Grp. 21 Deborah Carpenter-Toye
County Court Judge, Grp 21 Russell Thompson 
School Board at Large Seat 9 Robin Bartleman







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